Mozilla’s cookie protection is now a basic browser feature.

Firefox’s cookie controls can help you stay in control of your data and keep unwanted cookies from following you around the Internet.

Although Firefox has lagged behind other browsers in speed and popularity, many people still enjoy and use it because the open-source browser developers prioritize data security, which is becoming increasingly important.

In early 2021, Mozilla introduced Total Cookie Protection as an advanced feature that can be manually turned on for a standard browser session or automatically activates every time we browse the web in incognito mode.

As of now, or more precisely, after installing the latest version of Firefox, this extra layer of protection will be active by default on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Even users of the Android version can benefit from its advantages.

Total Cookie Protection blocks cookies from being created on websites, essentially quarantining them so they can only exist on the site where they were created. This is a more clever approach to other cookie blockers that simply block cookies from being used altogether.

Restricting cookies prevent online companies from monitoring our activity and selling our data to partners or using it for their own purposes. For example, Meta operates Facebook, which tracks our movement from one website to another.

Mozilla has stated that internet users are trapped in a cycle where their data is collected, sold, and used for manipulation without their knowledge.

A Total Cookie Protection interrupts this cycle by putting people first, protecting their privacy, giving them a choice, and cutting off big tech companies from the data they vacuum up daily.

This feature is Firefox’s most powerful data protection solution, resulting from years of fighting against online tracking.

Total Cookie Protection is a great way to protect your privacy and keep your data safe. It’s a simple and easy solution that is totally free.