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Local Computer Services and Support

End your computer problems and get the help you need! Brickell Computers offer full computer services and support, including Hardware and Software Installation, Critical Windows and OSX Updates, Virus and Malware protection, Backup and Recovery Services and more.

Network and Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is the future – make sure you’ve embraced it. The services we offer are Secure Wired and Wireless Business Networks, VPN,  Firewall and Intrusion Detection, Secure Cloud Environment Solutions and Management.

Data Protection and Recovery

Is your data stuck or lost? Recover and protect your data with our Strategic Data Backup and Recovery Solutions, Data Security and Optimization, Disaster Recovery Preparedness and more.

About Us

Brickell Computer ServicesWe are Brickell Computer – your local one-stop shop for all of your computer needs. We service the entire Miami, Florida area, offering premium quality software and hardware solutions and IT support.
Our team consists of experts with a decade of experience in professional IT solutions.

We are extremely passionate about providing premium quality computer solutions and we work with business and residential clients as well, offering maximum efficiency for your computers at a competitive price.

We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and outstanding results. At Brickell Computer, we’re all about problem-solving and being your technology partner, when you need us.

Reliable Affordable Tech Services.

For tips, tutorials and the latest in technology visit our IT Blog.

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Brickell Computer Services

  • Computer Business Services

    Based in Brickell, Miami, we can help you set up, fix and successfully maintain your computers and workstations. Boost your performance and productivity level with our premium quality IT solutions and support!

  • Cloud Services

    As one of our local IT services we provide, we can help you set up and maintain the latest cloud computing services, including Google Apps, Office 365, iCloud, and more…

  • Network Support

    Design, build, and maintain secure business networks. We provide all forms of secure network connectivity to increase your company’s performance and drive it to success.

  • Data Protection

    Get your data protected with our professional grade data protection services, disaster plan and recovery options.

Your goal: find fast, affordable tech support. Our goal: be the place you go to find them. Let’s get together.

What others say about us

Brickell Computer has been the go to company for all of my IT services. Nandor took the time out of his busy schedule to help me get my computer up and running again before an important meeting. Everything they do is explained in a way that anyone with little to no knowledge of computer related equipment can understand. This takes away the frustration I usually get when dealing with these situations in the past.

Kevin IversReservation Advisors

When I had to get a recovery done on my data that was stuck within an encrypted external hard drive, I was stressing out over the quotes I had received the first few calls. When I found Brickell, I was told up front what could be done for me, how long it would take, and I was assured the process to be fairly quick, and it wouldn’t break my bank. A few hours later I got a call, picked it up, and my wallet was fine when I left as well. Very professional, friendly, and fair compared to others in the Miami Dade area, thanks again Brickell Computer!

Robert StubbsNational Auto Parts

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