Miami Dade Community Testimonials

When I had to get a recovery done on my data that was stuck within an encrypted external hard drive, I was stressing out over the quotes I had received the first few calls. When I found Brickell, I was told up front what could be done for me, how long it would take, and I was assured the process to be fairly quick, and it wouldn’t break my bank. A few hours later I got a call, picked it up, and my wallet was fine when I left as well. Very professional, friendly, and fair compared to others in the Miami Dade area, thanks again Brickell Computer!

Robert StubbsNational Auto Parts

Brickell Computer has been the go to company for all of my IT services. Nandor took the time out of his busy schedule to help me get my computer up and running again before an important meeting. Everything they do is explained in a way that anyone with little to no knowledge of computer related equipment can understand. This takes away the frustration I usually get when dealing with these situations in the past.

Kevin IversReservation Advisors

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