windows 8.1 review

When Windows 8 was first released many people complained that the program was not compatible with older computers and critics were not in favor of the latest Microsoft OS.

In previous editions, users were able to learn how to use the software in easy-to-digest stages; Windows 8 changed all that and now people have a much steeper learning curve.

The question is; how does the first free update for the software – Windows 8.1 fare?

Microsoft has aimed to address some user concerns and pick up the pace of Windows programs. The main problem being that they are trying to combine point and click with touch screen options.

User Interface

At first glance; there are little changes, the system starts quickly as ever. Once the system has fully booted you can notice some subtle changes. The changes now come with user hints and tips to help people get a feel for the new design. The tiles are still present and can be changed to big or small; the calendar offers a great personal organizer.

All of the app tiles look presentable and the desktop screen is pleasing to the eye. By simply swiping the start screen you will be able to see a full list of available apps that are easy to navigate and access.

Windows 8.1 gives the user more options to customize their computer; with animated backgrounds that change when you swipe, you can also change the color schemes. Desktop wallpapers can even be used as the backdrop for you start screen.

Big Changes?

The biggest noticeable change is the new search engine; Microsoft have become a lot less exclusive in websites they use and will now search across the entire internet. Search now combines all aspects like storing documents, SkyDrive, system settings etc.

You may need to become accustomed to Bing when using 8.1 because Microsoft has heavily integrated them into its software. Bing’s Smart Search offers incredible depth of information when you search for on a specific subject; a full screen interface with everything associated to that subject will appear. It is fully functioning with Xbox Music also; a good alternative to YouTube.

Every app has been improved considerably from version 8 plus the new sky drive storage of all of your files means it is simple to use other computers without needing to have your data backed up to the system; you can now take your data with you everywhere!

If Microsoft can carry on in this fashion with the next update; I for one am certainly excited to see what Version 8.2 will offer. For those frustrated with Windows 8; Windows 8.1 could answer a lot of your problems.

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