Windows 8.1

Microsoft has finally released windows 8.1 a much needed update to Windows, with a lot of bug fixes and a couple of new features.

Here are some of the changes:

– The start menu is Back.

– Better SkyDrive integration

– Improved Search

– Boot to the desktop option is back.

– Much Better Multitasking and a lot more..

Here are some of the more detailed reviews:

Windows 8.1 Review: Little Changes Make a Big Difference

Hey remember Windows 8? How could you forget? It was the biggest upheaval in desktop computing in recent memory, and even if you’re not a user, its big colorful tiles are on your radar. Now, with Windows 8.1, Microsoft is 

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The free upgrade has dropped and we take a look at the Windows 8 problems it fixes.

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Windows 8 brought a lot of changes to Microsoft’s OS, but it also brought a lot of complaints. Will the changes for Windows 8.1 make all the difference?

Windows 8.1 review: Far better than Windows 8, but far from perfect

Microsoft’s tile and touch approach will take time to get used to, even with Windows 8.1.

Here is a quick Video overview of the new features and fixes:

8.1 reasons to check out Windows 8.1 |

Windows 8 was a new direction for Microsoft, offering mobile integration, cloud storage, and security enhancements. But some people were unhappy with its des…

If you are running Windows 8 already there is no reason not to upgrade and enjoy all the fixes and added features.

Before you dive in and run the free upgrade make sure all your important apps are supported and ready for Windows 8.1

If you have any questions about upgrading you can always contact us.


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