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Cloud services play key role in boosting small businesses. For instance, small businesses no longer have to deploy physical infrastructure, thanks to cloud services. These services also help businesspersons access sophisticated technology without employing a tech worker or an IT consultant. This article looks at some of the top cloud services for small business.


This cloud service increases productivity since it is capable of recording billable time and generates invoices and reports as an individual work. In addition, it has many customization options that help small businesses in an enormous manner.

Sage One

It provides project tracking, invoicing, and expense management among other benefits. It especially benefits businesses that deal mostly with project management.


It offers a fast and reliable online database platform. This platform is extremely easy to use and provide various prebuilt applications from which a user can choose. Additionally, it offers the user elaborate options for automated e-mail notifications, charting, customized reports, multiple tables, and document storage.


It ensures effective management of finances by small businesses. It help user to create and dispatch invoice in a quick and easy manner as well as share documents and reports without encountering any problem. In fact, FreshBooks builds collaboration amongst small businesses in an enormous manner

QuickBooks Online Plus

It also ensure effective management of finances; especially for a service-based or for extremely simple product-based business that are in dire need of mobile access to sales as well as to purchase data and tools. Any individual can use it since it has an intuitive interface that eases its usage.

Intuit Online Payroll Plus

This is the most affordable and advanced website that offer online payroll services. Most business opt for this service since it has a comprehensive set of processing, recording, and reporting tools as well as attractive and intuitive interface.

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