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Remote IT support is of key significance in today’s business environments. The whole process is quite simple and effective. For this reason, many people prefer it over traditional IT support methods.

However not everyone has embraced this brilliant technology. This pessimistic group of people consider remote support risky, due to the fact that network systems easily fall prey to security breaches. Such concerns may be partly true, but hold no waters if the appropriate precautionary measures are taken.

Discussed below is a brief overview of how remote IT support can be done securely, and a list of benefits that come with it.

How It Should Be Done

First and foremost, a decision has to be made on who the best service provider. Here are a few things to consider during the selection process. This considerations will help you overcome any potential security loopholes.

  • How expansive is their portfolio? (This will help judge their credibility levels)
  • Are they the original developers/distributors of service in need of a troubleshoot?
  • Are your local confidential files encrypted or password protected? (If not you should probably do it before granting remote access)

After selecting the right support person, the only two things left for you to do is to describe the problem in need of a solution, and grant remote access rights to your computer . That’s it basically, your computer support guy will solve all your problems from his own computer, and inform you when everything is working as expected.

Benefits over traditional support methods

  • Mass Problem Solving: With remote support, it is possible for a single support guy to work on multiple computers simultaneously. This saves the business a lot of time.
  • No Disruption in Your Business Premise: Your computer problems get solved without any distraction by the physical presence of a technician .
  • Instant Support Availability: When compared to traditional support systems where the technicians response time is quite long, remote support seams instantaneous. This is because the time taken to log in to your computer is a mere negligible fraction of the time taken to physically access the same.

 Finally, even though we use remote IT support to service our clients here in Miami on the daily bases,  it will be unfair to forget mentioning that it works only for software related problems.

This may include security updates, registry maintenance, network configuration issues, drivers issues, application programs support, and so on. However for hardware related issues, the traditional support methods offer the perfect approach.

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