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Top Tech Services in Brickell Miami

Brickell Computer is a premier provider of professional IT services in Miami. We currently offer a wide range of highly skilled services for our clients, with prices that are meant to be affordable for anyone. Not only are we affordable, but we also offer you the highest quality services in the Miami region.

We hand select our staff from among the best in the industry so that we can provide you with a highly specialized skill set across a variety of needs. From addressing individual IT needs to provide comprehensive corporate IT solutions, we can help get you up and running again promptly.

If you need IT support, give us a call and discover why we are the preferred provider of the latest IT solutions for the Miami, FL region.

Core IT Services

  • Computer Business Services

    Regardless of the type of business that you run, the key to maintaining a successful business strategy is to have great productivity skills. When your computer system suffers, business productivity decreases.

    Brickell Computers is able to help minimize the disruptions by getting you back to what you do best: focusing on your business as a whole. When you choose to work with Brickell Computers, we can operate as your personal IT staff to help address issues before they arise and keep your systems functioning at the optimal level.

    We can even provide training for your staff to help give them the tools needed to help maintain optimal systems.

  • Cloud Services

    With cloud computing becoming an essential component to current business success, we know that there isn’t an option for cloud computing to go offline, and with Brickell Computing, finally you won’t have to worry about that possibility.

    We have an extensively trained staff with the ability not only build a complete setup for you but also to maintain your existing systems.  Whether you use Google apps, Office 365, Box, or custom developed software, we can assist you with managing your existing programs and help you to reestablish lost data and repair corrupted files.

    Given that lost data and corrupted files mean a loss of revenue for businesses, we want to help your business run at peak efficiency for years to come. With Brickell Computing, we help your systems to run better than ever before.

  • Network Support and Security

    Network reliability and security is a requirement these days for businesses to run effectively. With Brickell computing, we can help you to develop the infrastructure needed to build you a stable and secure computer network. With a custom developed network from Brickell computing, we can help businesses of all sizes achieve consistently secure networks.

    In business, you won’t get another chance to demonstrate your network is secure after a loss of critical information. By incorporating network analytics, we can provide a degree of information regarding your network’s functioning that is unsurpassed by other tech companies, especially those in the Miami region.

    Our primary goal is to help identify weaknesses and eliminate them before they are comprised. Before your system is comprised, allow the experts at Brickell Computer to help develop a stronger and more comprehensive system. We’re more than happy to help you develop it and maintain it as well. We’re committed to your security, and if you choose to work with us, you’ll see why we are a premier provider of network support and security in the Miami region.

  • Data Protection and Recovery

    When it’s 7pm on a Friday and you’re finishing a report for your boss or a client, you don’t have the luxury of time to restart your project from scratch, especially if you’ve been working on it for weeks. What you need are the skilled experts from Brickell Computers who are among the best equipped in the industry to handle even the most severe system failure.

    We currently offer two services to help you avoid and overcome even the worst critical system failures that resulted in a loss of information: data protection and data recovery.
    Our data protection services work to give you a dedicated system in place that will continuously monitor your data for impending system failures. By doing this, we can help you to avoid expensive losses to your sensitive data in the future. In the event that your data has already been lost, we understand the severity of the situation you are facing, and we can work with you to help recover your files.

    Our recovery services are industry leading and second to none. With an expert staff, we will work tirelessly to recover your data as expediently as possible. Given that lost data translates into lost revenue and a loss of productivity, we know that time is absolutely critical. So when the unthinkable happens and your data appears lost, be sure to give us a call. You’ll be impressed with what we’re able to do to recover your files.

Miami Dade Community Testimonials

When I had to get a recovery done on my data that was stuck within an encrypted external hard drive, I was stressing out over the quotes I had received the first few calls. When I found Brickell, I was told up front what could be done for me, how long it would take, and I was assured the process to be fairly quick, and it wouldn’t break my bank. A few hours later I got a call, picked it up, and my wallet was fine when I left as well. Very professional, friendly, and fair compared to others in the Miami Dade area, thanks again Brickell Computer!

Robert Stubbs
Robert StubbsNational Auto Parts

Brickell Computer has been the go to company for all of my IT services. Nandor took the time out of his busy schedule to help me get my computer up and running again before an important meeting. Everything they do is explained in a way that anyone with little to no knowledge of computer related equipment can understand. This takes away the frustration I usually get when dealing with these situations in the past.

Kevin Ivers
Kevin IversReservation Advisors

We believe that providing our customers with great services will allow us to thrive and gain more and more business.