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Will Lumia 950 and 950 XL Change the Fate of Microsoft Mobile?

Since Microsoft bought Nokia’s technology for $7.2 billion back in 2013, the company has been trying to establish itself as a key player in the mobile industry. But, despite its high ambitions and rigorous efforts, the corporation has not been able to achieve much success. In the global arena, Windows phones consist of about a […]

Benefits Of Remote IT Support Over Traditional Methods

Remote IT support is of key significance in today’s business environments. The whole process is quite simple and effective. For this reason, many people prefer it over traditional IT support methods. However not everyone has embraced this brilliant technology. This pessimistic group of people consider remote support risky, due to the fact that network systems […]

Windows 8.1 Review

When Windows 8 was first released many people complained that the program was not compatible with older computers and critics were not in favor of the latest Microsoft OS. In previous editions, users were able to learn how to use the software in easy-to-digest stages; Windows 8 changed all that and now people have a […]

Cloud Services for Small Business – Accounting

Cloud services play key role in boosting small businesses. For instance, small businesses no longer have to deploy physical infrastructure, thanks to cloud services. These services also help businesspersons access sophisticated technology without employing a tech worker or an IT consultant. This article looks at some of the top cloud services for small business.

Windows 8.1 Review Roundup.

Microsoft has finally released windows 8.1 a much needed update to Windows, with a lot of bug fixes and a couple of new features. Here are some of the changes: – The start menu is Back. – Better SkyDrive integration – Improved Search – Boot to the desktop option is back. – Much Better Multitasking […]

Problems With Your PC ? Try System Restore.

Windows sure has some great features making the Operating System one of the easiest to use. Two of the most popular actions are” Undo” and “Redo”. “Redo” restores work you thought was lost and saves you from typing from scratch. Sometimes, no doubt, a lot of people wish life had redo and undo. There are […]